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Photo Manufacturer Item # Description Price Date Seller
3rd Rail - Sunset N/S 3rd Rail B&O Big Six 2-10-2 Wanted 01/11/22 90-30464
3rd Rail - Sunset N/S NorthShoreLine Interurban, Green Wanted 02/01/22 96-44098
American Flyer - Postwar 326 326 Hudson from 1953 w/ cloth-covered wiring Wanted 02/10/22 77-10792
American Flyer - Postwar 960 R.S. Combine Red-Striped, Type III, 1956 w/plastic-covrd wiring Wanted 02/10/22 77-10792
American Flyer - Prewar 2043C Semaphore control unit Wanted 02/25/22 82-18830
American Flyer - Prewar 455 Oven door handle Wanted 05/11/22 80-14906
American Flyer - Prewar Red Lanterns Red lantern s for 432 & 435 engines Wanted 01/07/22 71-3895
American Models N/S Pass. car axles, wheels, trucks Wanted 03/20/22 82-18830
American Models SD60013M CSX SD60 Diesel Set or Single Loco. Wide Cab Wanted 03/17/22 16-72095
American Models SD6003M Conrail SD60 Diesel Set or Single Loco. Wide Cab Wanted 03/17/22 16-72095
American Models SD6024/SD6024AA Norfolk Southern SD60 Set/ Single locomotive Wanted 03/17/22 16-72095
Atlas - O Collections Buying Lionel, MTH, Atlas, or HO train collections Wanted 04/26/22 79-14820
Bachmann 95747 Victor Gold Mining Gondola Wanted 04/03/22 86-24195
Colber N/S Any Colber accessories Wanted 02/17/22 84-21097
Dorfan 494 green crackle Wanted 02/13/22 93-38033
Hornby Locomotive WANT: Hornby HO Gauge Three-Rail Locomotive Wanted 04/06/22 01-53808
Hornby Track WANT: Hornby HO Gauge Three-Rail Track Wanted 04/06/22 01-53808
Ives 1132 main rod & crossheads Wanted 05/05/22 79-14629
Ives 1134 Not Specified Wanted 05/05/22 79-14629
Ives 3245 frame, pony trucks Wanted 01/05/22 94-38576
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